Modification When Your Life Changes

In life, the only constant is change. Your divorce is one example, and while you and your attorney will do their best to create a settlement that will resolve your disputes and foster a successful future, people change and circumstances change. If you need to modify parts of your divorce settlement or parenting plan, we can help.

At MGM Law, P.A., we understand how complex your life can become and how elements of your final order may need to be changed. Our attorney can discuss the modification you would like and explain what you need to prove in order for a court to approve it. Florida, like most states, requires the individual requesting the change to provide a strong argument for the modification.

A Substantial Change In Circumstances

To change the monetary amount of child support or alimony, you need to prove there was a substantial change in circumstances. This is more than a temporary fluctuation to your income or the needs of a child; it would need to be something like a permanent medical condition.

Child Custody Modification

This same standard is applied to changes in a parenting plan or custody arrangement. One case that typically requires a formal modification is where a parent must relocate to a new city or state. Such a move would be a substantial change in circumstance, but if you want to take your child or children with you in a move, you need to prove it is in their best interests. This can be very difficult.

Your parenting plan will need to be modified if you move and your child remains with their other parent. Your time-share with your child is likely to be very different, and the modification needs to deal with matters like travel expenses for the child to visit you.

Child Visitation Modification

You may need to change your visitation or time-sharing schedule in the event that a parent receives a promotion at work, for instance, and needs to travel regularly. Depending on your existing time-sharing schedule, this may require a few tweaks or a major overhaul. Our attorney can review your parenting plan and help you develop a new schedule that will work and be acceptable to the other parent.

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