The Importance Of Your Parenting Plan

If you have children, one of the most important elements of the process is the development of your parenting plan. In Florida, this plan will detail the parental authority and how your children will split their time between you and your children's other parent. This plan is a critical factor in how well you can co-parent your children. It sets of the details and helps set the expectations for both parents and children and by doing so, can reduce the likelihood of conflict.

At MGM Law, P.A., we understand the importance of this document to you and your children, and we take the time to help you think through what should be included within your parenting plan. A careful plan can help you deal with your children and your former spouse and help your children grow and prosper.

A Collaborative Process For A Collaborative Endeavor

Our attorney is a strong advocate for use of the collaborative law for divorces involving children. We recognize that research has found that children do better when both parents are involved with them and that they work together with their child's other parent in a collaborative fashion.

The parenting plan is about what is best for your children, not what is most convenient for you. Keeping the focus on the children is helped by a process of working together. You do not have to love your spouse to work with them in a civil and respectful manner. Minimizing conflict and tension will benefit your children and ultimately, you during the time you are raising your children.

The Right Plan For Your Family

We understand this is difficult. Many lawyers still want to aggressively fight every issue. We are different. Our attorney and her team work with you to help you understand all of the obligations that are part of the parenting plan, and we help you work with your children's other parent and their attorney to create the plan that is right for your family.


Time-sharing is an important and complex part of your parenting plan. You need to consider what will work best. There is no one-size-fits-all shared custody schedule. Will few days schedule work? or will you need alternate weeks or months? If a parent is in the military and subject to deployment, one parent may have to take on a sole custody role. If one parent travels for work regularly, the plan may need to grant them larger blocks of time at points in the year.

Parental Responsibility

The other important element is the allocation of parental responsibility or decision-making authority. Again, it has been shown that in absent behavioral issues by a parent, like substance abuse or violence, both parents should be a party to the decision-making process for their children. Your parenting agreement can help by detailing how this process should work, and importantly, exceptions, such as for medical emergencies.

Thinking through these scenarios can help set expectations and prevent minor issues from becoming major disputes. Your plan should also allow for a dispute resolution process and for a method to modify parts of the plan, as what is best for a toddler may no longer work as well for teenagers.

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